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Pilates is about working from the inside out. Learning to recruit deep core muscles at the appropriate time and allowing the larger muscles to let go and do the job they are designed for. 

Its about paying attention to the important subtleties in the way our bodies move and becoming very aware of how we move and the habitual movement patterns that may be feeding into our pain or disfunction.

Time, patience, and practice to get to the root cause and building a solid foundation is key. Before putting up the walls of your house it is mandatory to set this foundation.  Building body awareness and motor control through movement practices can prevent injuries, reduce pain, and increase a sense of well being 


Integrating mind, body and breath is essential and have impacts and consequences on each other. 


Clinical Pilates is DIFFERENT because it is facilitated by a physiotherapist. Colleen Byrne has 6 years of university training in anatomy, physiology and injury management and most importantly clinical reasoning. Colleen has been a practicing physiotherapy for 9 years and is highly qualified to assess and determine what type of therapy is suitable for your condition and can modify exercises if need be.  


The reformer is a specialized piece of pilates equipment with a sliding carriage, springs, slings, and straps. It allows you to lie, kneel, stand and sit to create a balanced body and strong core using functional movement patterns.

It may seem like another fad but pilates and reformer work has endured since the 1900's.

It offers a safe and stable way to challenge different movement patterns. The resistance of the pulleys and spring system allows for this, building up your core, posture and coordination in a more efficient manner. The hands on approach that Colleen adds, helps to mobilize the joints while you move, allowing the body to start learning new safer and efficient movement patterns.


Pilates mat work that focuses on rehabilitation, utilizes props such as bands, balls, fitness circles, stability balls and foam rolls.

Utilizing props helps facilitate the subtle re-education of the deep core while incorporating an improved breath pattern. Progressing the movements gradually to challenge and create variety for your body. 

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