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Physical Therapy is a well respected profession that uses evidence based treatment methods to help restore and maintain optimal movement and function, as well as provide education on health maintenance and injury prevention. 

As a licensed health care professional, Colleen Byrne has extensive training and knowledge about how the body functions. Specialized manual skills are used to assess, diagnose and treat a variety of injuries, disease symptoms, and disabilities.

Movement Is Therapy is a home based business. Treatment sessions are 1:1 hands on care unlike other clinical settings where it can be 1:3 ratio of care

Initial 1 hour 1:1 assessment $110


Follow-up 1:1 treatment:

            1 Hour -   $115

           45 mins -$100

            1/2hour - $70

Physiotherapy receipts given for extended health coverage

Why Movement Is Therapy?

Movement.Is.Therapy is a home based business that provides 1:1 care. The clinic space was designed and renovated by myself and my partner in crime Ryan. The goal was to create an environment that promotes healing in every way possible. 


I believe movement and breath are the pathways to true health. Moving with intention while using our breath to guide us are the first steps to get there. 


My physiotherapy background is in STOTT pilates rehabilitation, vinyasa and yin yoga, functional movement and vestibular therapy. I have an eclectic style fusing all exercise forms as needed creating a unique fun and individualized program that will strengthen you from the core, improve motor control, create length in muscles with improvement in range of motion and most importantly a general sense of well-being. 

I believe exercise needs to be varied and creative to challenge the mind and body. How you MOVE or transition through positions defines the building of strength in the body and its the quality of the breath that will carry you through with ease.

I use a hands on approach (soft tissue release, mobilize with movement, active release, and scraping tools, kinesio taping) when necessary to facilitate movement and encourage your body to heal itself. In addition to hands on work I will often times use acupuncture or functional dry needling to help reset the muscles and create balance to speed up the healing process. 

I pride myself in offering this unique one-on-one approach, working with you to help your body heal itself. I truly care and want to help you improve your life.

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